August 9, 2015

Au revoir!

If we are very lucky in life, we'll come to a place where we get to choose between paradise and paradise. The only difference between these two is one is as is, and the other one is growing. So, let me ask you... Do you want to be a part of a paradise that is lush and evergreen, but stagnant; or do you want to be a part of something constantly evolving? 

Okay, I'll answer. I want to be where the second one is. Because I believe we are constantly evolving. We are the paradigm shift we yearn for. We are the time machine. And I've found my portal to my next calling... and I'm hoping you'll join me there? 

Here is the link to my babyspatz 'peach+nebula' and I hope life will be more beautiful and abundant there as it has been here. 

Au revoir, my fairy lights. And merci...

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