May 30, 2015


She asked, "You are in love, what does love look like?" To which I replied, "Like everything I’ve ever lost come back to me.” - NW

Love, is my drug.
Love is a cold shower on a blistering sunny day.
Love is my sunny day.
Love is a whisper of his voice in my ear calling me "baby".
Love is a puppy falling asleep in my arms.
Love is my mother's hug on any day.
Love is ice cubes cracking in lukewarm liquid.
Love is the palest pink of a baby's feet.
Love is my grandmother's softest veined hands.
Love is coming home to the one person you've longed to see all day.
Love is them waiting to see you just as bad.
Love is dark chocolate unraveling in your mouth.
Love is lips in tandem.
Love is leaves always falling in slow motion.
Love is a green tree.
Love is a moment of eye contact with a beautiful stranger across a crowded room/street/dimension.
Love is a fragile, beating heart that won't quit.
Love is a perfect kiss rising from imperfect lips.
Love is his fingers weaving through my hair and spawning butterflies in my tummy.
Love is your feet in the ocean, buried in sinking sand.
Love is the smoothest swig of whiskey.
Love is a woman's delicious nape.
Love is her smiling eyes.
Love is the smokey embers of a barbecue.
Love is a powder blue dress you always wanted but never thought you'd look good in.
Love is my father's deep and soothing baritone over a telephone.
Love is a frosted ice cream stick, velcroed to your tongue.
Love is a song from your childhood you fell asleep to.
Love is a ring that fits just right.
Love is my brother's wit.
Love is a perfect circle of people, protecting you always.
Love is you, and love is me.
Love is treasure uncovered.
Love is electricity.

[Art by Chiara Bautista]

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