April 15, 2015

On Beauty

Dear Dove,

While I understand the need for you to market your product to a large consumer base using the most basic ingredient in life, beauty, I think it is both irrelevant and dramatised.

First of all, beauty is overrated.
In today's day and times, with social media driving everyone into a narcissistic frenzy, we've become a generation of self-obsessed over-sharers. I speak for myself, too, ashamedly. But beauty is too large and abstract a concept to be defined by the use of external products. To think one can acquire beauty through mere application of something skin-deep. Or to even suggest something so one-dimensional to validate your projection of such a versatile word, is pretty ignorant and not to mention, insensitive.
That being said, I think the world has far bigger concerns than women considering themselves average or beautiful. I'd rather address gender equality issues. Issues of exploitation of women in every field. Issues of objectification of women (Yes, random deodorant ad, I'm looking at you.) Issues of equal pay and benefits. Issues of legal and moral policing, and social control that limits us every day. Issues of freedom of choice, sexual harassment wherever we turn and just plain prejudice and sexism.
These take precedence over any kind of overt/covert beauty you guys may be promoting.

To me, beauty is intangible. It is merely a force that allows us to be a million things at once. Compassionate, courageous, sassy, unruffled, intelligent, spirited, graceful and above all, deliriously hopeful. 
Kindness is my kind of beauty.
Innocence and gentleness is my kind of beauty.
To me, my mother exudes beauty because she is selfless.
Children being who they are, is beautiful to me.
Somebody treating me with respect, and caring for nature and all growing things is beautiful. 
My father, always saving me the last bite of anything he eats, is beautiful.
People helping you, expecting nothing in return, is beauty.
And sometimes, it's just the way somebody smiles at you.

Dove, I refuse to partake in your campaign, kindly. I refuse to be attached to things that are superficial and subject to judgement by total strangers. I refuse to be limited by my appearance.

Echoing WS, "It is not my responsibility to be beautiful. I'm not alive for that purpose. My existence is not about how desirable you find me."



Renu said...

Archie Love,
You are the most beautiful soul. I am grateful to the Divine that she blessed me with such a Beauty both inside and outside. Love you! Write more....

Amit Singh said...

Hi Archie,
Your words truly reflect what a beautiful soul and person you are. Absolutely Loved the way you defined the various definitions of beauty that indeed runs much deeper than mere skin color and texture.

hash said...
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