October 5, 2014



Of all the things I value in my life two things I love most are intelligence and independence. I think people today absolutely must have both. By intelligence, I don't mean only reading or education. I don't want to sound even borderline contrived or condescending. And by independence I don't mean traveling or living alone, or even being single or unmarried.

Intelligence is that rare spark you see in someone's eyes as they make life changing decisions in one moment and never look back. When they choose to be pragmatic with a blazing aura of absolute assertiveness and charisma. When they talk with reverence and always measure their words and choose them wisely. Intelligent people surprise you with their rock solid sense of perception, because they only ever fight when it's worth the effort. They engage in things worthy of their time and energy. They are not swayed by temporary setbacks or loose talk. 

Intelligence, when their emotions are like mercury, silky and fluid. 
Intelligence, that laughs at immaturity and dismisses petty ideas.
Intelligence, when they can discuss everything under the sun and still manage to be detached. 
Intelligence without anger. Much like our mothers.

Much like being free. To me, independence means everything. 

In a world where people are hyper-connected all the time, it is so liberating to breathe in a lightweight bubble called independence. To not have to tag-team race all the time or be forced into almost a buddy-system with partners, friends and family. 
To me, independence is being able to call your own shots without fear. 
To be in control and at the wheel at all times. 
To not hold back anyone, or be held back by people, ideas or norms. 
To know what you feel and what you want, and go after it with conviction. 
To never settle for anything less than what you deserve.
To be able to afford your mistakes.

Independence means taking a stand and showing up to life with this magnificent sense of self. 

Being independent means taking calculated risks. Being independent means not getting lost in a crowd or constantly doing what others do blindly.

Be brave! Be a fierce non-sheep! And don't look back.

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