May 1, 2014

Dusky, sexy and proud

I love the colour of my skin.
As you can imagine, this is a sensitive topic in India. And I must admit I've been at the receiving end of many jibes, stares and scoffs for being olive-skinned. Starting with people in my own family to total strangers who think they're magically entitled to pass comments on my skin-tone.
"Why don't you use rose water and milk? It'll lighten your skin."
"Aw, too bad you don't have your mother's skin colour, your hair would've looked nicer."
"Don't wear dark coloured clothes, your skin will only look dark."
"Don't stand in the sun, you're tan enough."
"You don't need sunblock, you're already tan."
I even had some douchebag on Twitter ask if I felt conscious taking pictures with fair skinned women.

So, let me just put everything to rest by saying that I'm in love with my skin. More so with the person underneath it, but I revel in my cinnamon-honey skin colour.
I like that it never goes pink under the sun.
I like that when I tan, it shimmers golden.
I like that it reflects on my genes, my father having the exact same shade of skin as I do.
I like that I can wear colours like tangerine and emerald, and not looked washed out.
I like that it makes me braver in the face of the world's morons.
I like that people around the globe envy me for it.
I like that it makes me different.

I was asked by a dear friend why I use an anti-tan facewash if I loved my skin so much? I smiled. While I do have naturally tan skin, I also suffer from that bane we all call spots. I despise spots. I'd like for my skin not to be damaged, thanks.
So use whatever products suit your skin, even if that means Fair & Lovely. But don't ever feel inferior. Always know that your skin has its own story and will continue to only project the best you possible. Be proud of it. Feel sexy in it. And don't let anybody tell you otherwise.
You are a storm with skin. That's all. 

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