August 10, 2013

These things...

I have little scraps of paper in books with stuff I want to do. I also have page-full of lists in old journals. 
Let's see how this complies in the present. Okay, here goes! (in no particular order)

  • Swim with sharks. 
  • Photograph a tiger in the wild. 
  • Nicaragua. And Aruba. 
  • Fly a kite. On the beach.  
  • Watch Henry play for France. Just once. 
  • Fly in a blimp.
  • Watch Incubus and The Foo Fighters LIVE. 
  • Marry the love of my life. 
  • Have a body that stops traffic. 
  • Get partial lobotomy. 
  • Adopt a child. (or two)
  • Have a three way in a seven star hotel. 
  • Go bald. Voluntarily.  
  • Vacation with my grandmother in Greece. 
  • Learn to say 'no' without feeling guilty.
  • Learn to ride a Harley.
  • Ride a Harley. 
  • Rock a baby to sleep.
  • Save someone.
  • Donate a criminal amount of money.  
  • Own my own bar. Even if it's in my basement. 
  • Apologise sincerely. 
  • Own a Vespa. A bright green one. 
  • I want to see Japan. 
  • Backpack through South America. 
  • Have a room full of shoes. And then give it all away. 
  • Live by the ocean. 
  • Go to Ibiza while I'm still unmarried. 
  • Buy my parents a house. And then hope they travel the world.  
  • Live in a big brick house with my dogs, babies and one man. 
  • Grow trees, every year. 
  • Preserve every book that my parents have owned, in a library, with wooden floors and a fireplace. 
  • Have my friends/family over every Christmas/Diwali/Easter/Birthdays. 
  • Visit Macchu Picchu, Angkor Wat and the Pyramids! 
  • Set foot on each of the 7 continents. (Antarctica is gonna be a toughie)
  • Live in NYC/London/Paris for a while.  

Okay, this should suffice for now. Although, I have a sneaky feeling this list could lengthen very soon!

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