November 27, 2011

Red Riding Hood

A single pout that led to this,
His hands they caressed her cheek.
Blushing, she turns and runs away,
only to have him chase after her.

They love this chase, the both of them.

It thrilled her to no end.
He sees her sticking her tongue out at him,
Smirks, and catches her up eventually.

Hugs her, tight, and contemplates an evil tickling scheme,

As she whimpers in his arms.
Turns her to face him, while she squirms,
What was that? Did she just try to nibble on his fingers?

Chuckling, he begins to tickle her
Endless giggling ensues, as she shivers violently
Begging him to stop.
He does. And pulls her into his warmth.

He calms her in an instant, as she melts

Burying her face in his chest. 
He smells her cherry soaked shampoo
And suddenly everything seems right with the world. 

A tiny sigh, she looks up at him

He stares into her stormy eyes, 
and for a moment time freezes. His heart races. 
While she struggles against the weight of those famous butterflies. 

She smiles at him, 

he brushes a strand of hair away from her face
Eyes never leaving each other for a moment. 
She holds onto his warmth as these butterflies steadily grow. 

He leans in. Kisses her eyes, and her fluttering lashes. 

Moves down to her cheek and plants one there,
Lips slowly trailing across her nose to the other cheek. 
She can barely catch a breath, as her stomach does a crazy flip. 

In one swift motion, she covers his mouth with her palm

Kisses him passionately on his cheek 
A small snigger, mischief in her eyes... 
Struggles free, and runs. 

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