November 4, 2011

Read My Mind

This. The game we play.
Does it make you smile?
Do you look around corners for a sign?
Lift rocks for messages?

I do. I can't seem to stop.

I wander in here hoping to see you.
I stand on toes to catch a glimpse of you.
Among the madness, there you are...

Calm. Seated in that green booth.

Down many a beer, chatty with that boy.
I struggle to keep balance, but fidget.
You notice... and for a fleeting moment look at me.

Oops! There goes gravity!

Bringing me to my knees.
In  a flash, you're here helping me up.
Here come the fireworks. Oh, dear.

Butterflies. A million explode inside me.

"Not hurt are you?", you ask, taking my hand.
Gee, man, do you have to look at me like that?
"No." I answer.

Silence. Here you are. Still holding on.

You know me. You know you do.
We've met a million times before, of course.
But, it was a first in this Universe. You let go.

Stirring. "Thanks." I mumble.

"Anytime...", you whisper, eyes not leaving me.
I turn to walk away. Shutting my eyes tight.
It's not time. No name. Not yet. It's just not the time...

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