May 21, 2012


A feeling of dread, 
I wake up in a cold sweat.
A moment of blur, until I open my eyes
And feel a body next to mine... 

Here he lies, his arm protective around me
I feel comforted with his steady heartbeat.

Staring at his sleeping face... I smile.
I trace his skin with my fingers. 

His silken hair tousled over his eyes
His scruffy beard so smooth.

He mumbles softly, as I call his name...
I move closer to whisper it in his ear.

He tightens his hold on me, as I rest my head on his
Our bodies in a marriage of entangled sheets.

Eyes still closed, he says he's hungry,
I kiss him on his nose, ask him what he'd like... 

A cheeky smile, one eye open...
He enfolds me into him.

Warmth and butterflies multiply 
as he rains kisses on me...

And whispers,

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