September 23, 2011



He walked in. I'd never seen him come. 
He had seen me from afar, bruised and battling on. 
Sure, I'd seen him in the shadows. Watching my every move. 
His hungry grey eyes drawing me to him. 
His hands so strong, just like the ones I'd often dreamed being protected by. 

And here he is. Staring deep, like he wanted nothing else. 
I felt a tiny explosion inside my darkest depths, like some omen...
"I know you," he said. And somehow I knew him too. 
The Universe had played this incredibly cheeky game,
A game of passionate lust and eternal love. 

I couldn't move. I crossed my legs to fight the weight in my stomach,
My fingers clasped on my lap. Our eyes never left each other for a second. 
"Now what?" I thought. "Will he make a move?" 
After what seemed like an eternity, he took one step closer
And, God, could I feel the heat. It radiated off him and literally set me on fire!

In a flash I was up and there he was, not a moment's interlude
With one hand grazing my cheek & the other secured around my middle, pulling me in
I fought him. Oh, how I fought him! He refused to let go. 
Forcing my eyes to line with his, lips inches away from mine
My knees were giving away, my throat dry as cement... 

"I knew it was you," he whispered. "I have wanted you my whole life."
I never thought I'd ever succumb to cliché. And there I was, melting into a puddle.
So this was how people knew, this was the famous 'love' I'd been hearing of.
He weaved his hand through my hair, as I felt time freeze in slow motion
And brought his mouth down on mine, resuscitating and curing me of that drought. 

Nothing had felt like this and I knew nothing ever will. 
So many had come and gone and this one was here!
Dragging me through this vortex of desire and destiny. Fate had won. 
"What took you?" I croaked, my voice still hoarse from being parched
"I got here as fast as I could," he said. And smiled. And smiled... 


burpingbutterfly said...

Intense! Also, if that is a snippet from your life, I'm jealous...

Velvetta said...

Considering our soul-sisterhood... what do you think?

Suma Subramaniam said...

Archana, I love how the pictures complement the them of your poem.


Suma Subramaniam said...

^ theme

xyzandme said...

We had fairy tales..
These are X-tales.
Only if such things were true.. ah!

Velvetta said...

Suma - Thank you! :)

Xyzandme - But they do exist. I can assure you.

Curiously Yours said...

Very intense. I love the healthy mix of eroticism and romance in the poem although it ended on a low note. I expected to be left with a poetic orgasm!

Well done. I'm impressed.