September 16, 2011


Day 1
She's up all night. She stalks him.
She sees that he has changed. She sees him smiling as he turns that alley.
He doesn't sense her presence, but obviously.
He looks down at the letter in his hand and holds it to his heart.
She cringes and fades into the shadows.

Day 2
There he is again. She moves like the wind trying to keep up with him.
But he's walking on clouds, this one. She struggles.
He enters the Garden. The Shangri-La, if you will.
She hides behind a tall oak tree and steals a glance.
And then she sees the maiden in pink.

Day 3
Fair as the golden sun, she was. Hands delicate like a child's.
She saw him kneel and bring them to his lips and felt a terrible blow.
"I must see her face!", she thought. "Who is this little tramp?"
Soft steps she took, towards the lake, where they sat in bliss, unaware.
She took one look, her forehead creased. This was the face of her enemy.

Day 4
But wait, what's this? She saw his, too, was lit up with that very glow.
A moment of calm washed over her, she felt her heart stop almost,
Can it be true? Can one truly love and lose and love again? This was proof.
She saw them entwine their fingers, as the maiden in pink lay her head on his shoulder.
A single tear rolled down her cheek, and she didn't even reach to stop it.

Day 5
No longer does she ache for this. No longer will she wallow.
For love holds no prisoners, love does not chain one to a grave.
These moments seem like days to her, and she whispers to her heart,
"My beloved, I will care for you, so you will feel hollow no more."

"Why wait for 5 numbers to touch you, when 4 letters can embrace you do?"