March 20, 2011


Gold coloured crisps for her breakfast
Sweet honey coated goodness
that brought with it so much comfort
Mocha, like her coffee. 

A Navy, silken blouse 
and free flowing Charcoal pants
makes those legs look endless.
Imperfect and calm.

With one effortless, nonchalant brush 
of her Raven hair lusciously flowing.
And delicious Cinnamon skin
that glowed, but naturally.

She steps into Nude pumps
picks up her Beige tote with grace. 
Streams out like Yellow. 
Floats like Peach. 

Cherry tinted lips, so soft
Eyes that burned like fire, yet warm.
Green as spring, Blue as a cloudless sky
She glides. 

A shimmer here,
Some sparkle there.
She is... pristine White. 


pure said...


Nude pumps?!? :-/ what?

You women and fashion...
I tell you!

pure said...

meant I also like mocha