March 3, 2011


Away she stood, 
in colors of floating paisley.
Not one move wasted,
not a move in guilt.
I watched her hungrily.

I'd dreamed so many nights, of this moment, 
feverishly waking for a gulp of water.

And there she was, 
content, in her innocence.
As I squirmed in my wakefulness.
No! Take me back to the dream, 
Where she was mine!
Where I held her hand... and her heart. 

Take me to the time she was one with me,
Where we sang and laughed
Of one blood,
Of one gene!
Of one single thread.

I talked to you, so sweet
And you whispered only to me.
In my darkness and in your light
You saved me.

And now I sit here,
seeing through this lens;
through this eye...

If only it were mine.
If only you were. 

My Áine...


protophile said...

Wow, great stuff Arch!! just loved this line
"In my darkness and in your light
You saved me"
:) Cheers,

PS: Is Áine a reference to the irish godess?

Fat Pony said...

Thank you, Dusty!
Took me all of 8 minutes. Way to rid writers block. :)

Yes, the very same.

pure said...

just do it :-)