March 28, 2011

Heart Strings

All around me I see, 
Men loving women unconditionally, 
A small gesture, a big smile 
a warm hug, a silent nod

I see it in their eyes
I watch them pledge their devotion
Notice the long wait in the car,
And the tolerance of her short temper

He stays there, unyielding. 
Firmly planted. 
He'll carry her home, wash her hair 
Put her to bed, sing to her. 

There are chivalrous men, I believe. 
Men who stand and fight.
Men who won't betray. 
Men who are masculine. 

I look back, at him
I smile to myself. 
He succumbed to his immediate desires. 
He followed his present ideas. 

From Man to mangled.
From Pretty to pitied. 
He chose spite over love. 
Chose girl over woman. 
Pink over green. 

He tells himself he's valued. 
Confirms daily that he is loved. 
Yet... the vixen that made him Man
will forever be his treasured illusion. 

There she struts, that firework. 
Free to love forever more. 
She realizes true passion has no bounds
The loss was his, her glory found. 


Anonymous said...

I Like this a lot

Fat Pony said...

Makes me smile, Shar. <3

pure said...

good, you're writing :-)

i can relate to some parts


Anonymous said...

‘Men won’t betray,’ she says.
And for better measure, ‘Men who are masculine.’
Her knight’s no more than her blinkered steed,
The whipped, modern-day man.

Fat Pony said...

VSS: I thank you. :)

Anonymous: We've discussed this. At the end, it is only my version that matters to me. :>

Kiran said...
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hUmtydUMty said...

This. This is doing things to my head and the feeling is awesome! (Iyengarboi) Btw I <3 the aquarium at the bottom of the page, these fishes are fun!

archiebug said...

Thank you, beloved Iyengar Boy! :)

Karan said...

:) I'm actually at a loss for words. The poem has so many varied emotions. Only thing that i can say is, that your poem has got me thinking. Great work. :)