March 20, 2011


1. I LOVE the colour green. Purple and yellow follow on a close second.

2. There is no other way to put this, I would die without music. I truly sympathise with deaf people.

3. I dream in black and white.

4. I'm a huge gizmo addict! I love technology.

5. I'm afraid of the dark and clowns. It is NOT funny.

6. I despise all forms of pseudo activity. I cannot stand phony people, places and things. (This naturally includes plastic.)

7. I turn to photography for everything. My camera is my best friend.

8. My brother Abhishek, is my most favouritest person in the world! :)

9. Archie dislikes vanilla, lizards and peas.

10. Football is a religion. Zidane is God!

11. I love art. I love Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Susannah Bettag.

12. I shop like a man. In--Pick-up--Out.

13. Water! Not Juice. Not Milk. Not Alcohol.

14. My favourite flavour of ice-cream is mint chocolate chip.

15. I love dogs.

16. Archie is ambidextrous.

17. I cook. Plenty.

18. I've never been on a diet. Ever.

19. I do not like chocolate. I like candy. There is a difference, so go figure!

20. Men with beards. Enough said.

21. I'm extremely pensive/aloof/stoic, which is often mistaken for arrogance or nonchalance. Meh. 

22. I tend to get maternal from time-to-time. Babies are adorbs.

23. I refer to myself in third person. A lot.

24. I sleep on my tummy.

25. I love nice hands + feet.

26. I'm kind of a neat freak. Call it OCD or whatever. I may have it. And not ashamed!

27. The only two things I could do all day, everyday, is sleep and sing!

28. If I was on a deserted island with a single wish for anything in the world, I'd ask for books. A million-thousand books.

29. I have a low threshold for the cold. But I don't dislike it.

30. Photographer/Lawyer/Editor.

31. Three people I idolise. - My great grandmother. - Ned Kelly. - Henri-Cartier Bresson

32. I read and write extensively. To a point where it gets unstoppable!

33. Biggest turn-off? Men who gossip.

34. New York is my soul city.

35. Velvetta is my alter ego. She's the bitch. She only consults by appointment.


pure said...

"Archie is ambidextrous." - Gosh!

"Which is often mistaken for being a snob." - Mistaken you say. :-)

"sing!" - Wow!

Fat Pony said...

VSS: *shrug* :D