December 26, 2006

Silent Support (Can't Believe This Won Me a Prize!)

To me they seem like flesh filled straws,
aching with the suffering of toil.
They bruise and bleed, feel sore these paws
but will be ever faithful to the soil.
How wondrous that they never complain
no matter how much I slave them;
they thirst in heat, get drenched in rain
and keep moving on again, my stems.
Like branches they support and shelter,
from miseries of my melancholy.
They obey and see me their mentor,
I finally see their worth for me.
Although there have been times when I,
Have, misused these weary limbs,
today I know they effortlessly replace
luxury cars and shiny rims.
You see how they reflect the me
who deep inside nobody else can be,
ashamed am I and ever so ignorant,
to realise that they too are God sent.


fahad said...

hmmmmmmmm...did you just make your legs sound like an entity?? :p

so cute...hehehe...chubby archie legs :p

Fat Pony said...

@ fahad

well.. i had to write a poem on spot with a picture.
The picture was a weary pair of feet.. not mine! lol

cunfusion & marmalade said...

well smack my ass and call me judy !!!!
brilliant me de-stoned for a second !! u deserved the prize u got ...once again brilliant !

pure said...


Super, da.

pure said...

oh, definitely worth a prize. :-)